1. Load loader over TP using Resurector (one of the KIRIN970 laoders will work) with FRP and HUAWEI id checked
2. Manually send the command 'fastboot oem oeminfoerase-all' one the phone enters fastboot
3. Manually send the command 'fasboot reboot' (phone must be empty and enter like from TP)
4. Write repair TP only from TP (whole process till from TP, if error, repeat from TP ) file : BLA-AL00B-BD_1.0.0.56_Board Software_general_8.1.0_r1_EMUI8.1_05022FPT.fcff
5. Write NV items usint BLA-L29_NV_partitions.fcff / BLA-L09_NV_partitions.fcff
6. Repair  (all sn's, model L29)
7. Write android 8 L29 C432 with R1 in update mode