If you just received your FuriousGold device you will need to register so it can be activated

  1. Download the latest Maintenance module
  2. Extract the file from the zip archive using Winzip
  3. Connect your FuriousGold device to the USB port on your computer and install the drivers provided with maintenance module
  4. Double click on Maintenance.exe and click the GO SUPPORT button
  5. Register your personal details
  6. If you have bought a FuriousGold USB KEY Lite version you need to select 3 packs of  your choice to activate on your device
  7. if you have bought a FuriousGold USB KEY All activated all the packs will be activated except PACK12
  8. Once the registration is done your account is activated instantly and you should get a confirmation by email
  9. Everytime you need to access your account simply use the Maintenance module and click GO SUPPORT button.

Possible error message you might get:

Oh snap! Can not login you at this moment. Please contact your reseller.
This means your account has not yet been activated by your distributor. Please contact with them and make sure your FuriousGold USB key is PRE-activated so you can register on our website.