Published on 28 December 2013, 16:34:06

ADDED DIRECT UNLOCK for NEW MODELS: Samsung I9195, Galaxy S4 Mini LTE NEW FEATURE ADDED: FACTORY DATA RESET by USB and UART CABLE without need to ROOT device For following models: AT&T A927 AT&T…

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Best wishes from FuriousTeam

Published on 27 December 2013, 18:18:54

As I fully appreciate this is a very busy time of year for us all, please let me begin by thanking you for taking a moment to read these few short words of reflection on the past year and thoughts for…

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Samsung Europe Unlock Codes

Published on 22 December 2013, 18:30:06

We are pleased to offer a new special price available only on FuriousGold for the Samsung Remote Unlock service. Generate unlock codes for any Samsung phones locked to any european networks in less than…

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Published on 20 December 2013, 03:52:48

New Alcatel models added as follow: Model: OT-1040     [USB: YES] [FLASH_READ: YES] [FORMAT: YES] [FLASH_WRITE: YES] [DIRECT_UNLOCK: YES] Model: OT-1041     [USB: YES] [FLASH_READ:…

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Published on 20 December 2013, 03:31:39

We are pleased to introduce another world first update for QCOM_SMART_TOOL_v1.0.0.8782 DUSK NENIXS EDITION ORANGE NIVO - DIRECT UNLOCK - WORLD FIRST ! ZTE OPEN B2G_P752D04V1.0.0B09_TME - DIRECT UNLOCK…

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Alcatel | SFR | Vodafone | Motorola Unlock Codes

Published on 17 December 2013, 18:58:25

Amazing updates new Alcatel now supported as follow Alcatel - OT-5036 Alcatel - OT-5036D Alcatel - OT-5037 Alcatel - OT-6012 Alcatel - OT-6034 Alcatel - OT-6035 Alcatel - OT-7024 Alcatel - OT-J720 Alcatel…

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New FuriousGold Full Installer 16122013

Published on 17 December 2013, 14:36:45

Introducing FuriousGold Full Installer 16122013. Includes all the latest updates in one single installer. All Packs with all latest modules up to date. The 100% GOOD STUFF to download for every FuriousGold…

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Published on 12 December 2013, 19:46:16

We have added supports for some new G2101 versions Module Description BLOWER UNLOCKER unlock and repair ZTE, Vodafone, Huawei, Viettel mobile phones. It is simply the world famous unlocking software…

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Published on 12 December 2013, 19:44:38

Good news never come alone. Another great update today for QCOM SMART TOOL module as follow: ALCATEL OT-4012 FireFox OS / ALCATEL ONE TOUCH  FIRE - DIRECT UNLOCK ZTE MOVITEL M8402 - DIRECT UNLOCK…

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HUAWEI Q - Update

Published on 12 December 2013, 19:42:19

World first and exclusive updates. Quality work on FuriousGold. We are pleased to release the following update for today Models supported: HUAWEI U5110/U2800/U2801/U5900/U6150/U2900/U3220/U5200/U5300/U6020…

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