Update Notes

We are pleased to introduce another great update for the MTK CODE READER | PACK6 module as follow:

  • Added save log function on users requests
  • Improved nvram backup operation
  • Added SIM2 unlock manual switch on users request
  • Fixed misc interface problems
  • Added selector by BRAND/MODEL on users request since for some it was too difficult to use the generic unlock method
  • Unlock operation is now divided in two. Generic Unlock and Unlock by Models
  • Added to the supported list all the latest models reported as our users as supported

NOTE: In case you have an unsupported MTK model use the generic methods. One of them it will surely work. If it doesnt make an nvram backup and 
send it to the support

Reported supported models so far (236+)

  • Pack: PACK6
  • Version:
  • Release Date: 2012-12-05
  • Release Update: 2015-07-06