If you have a Lumia 510 or Lumia 610, and you can flash custom bootloader on it with the test point method, you can make your phone supported by Chimera Tools.

All you have to do is download our files bellow , and flash it to your phone to the 155 sector.

WARNING! THIS IS DANGEROUS AND YOU CAN BRICK YOUR PHONE IF YOU DO SOMETHING WRONG HERE! DO AT YOUR OWN RISK. Of course, if you do everything right here, nothing can happen.

For example, with Advance Box:

  1. Choose Windows Phone
  2. Choose TP Services
  3. Check Lumia the correct model like Lumia 505, Lumia 510 or Lumia 610

At the next dialog box, just press OK:


When asket to read or write, write 1 and press OK:


  • When asked for the sector, write 155 and press OK.
  • And just select the file you just downloaded (default name: rm835_osbl_sector155.bin), and press OK.
  • Wait for the TP flash to finish, unplug everything, and start Chimeratools.

You are done ;)