1. Remove Huawei ID using OTSmart module normaly.

2. Fully reboot the phone.

3. Go to "Settings -> Biometrics & Passwords" and choose lock screen pass

4. Now use OTSmart and check "Write partition" choosing the oeminfo backup (in OTSmartfolder) ex

 C:\Program Files (x86)\FURIOUS-GOLD\PACK6\OTSmart\PART_OEMINFO_HUAWEI MED-LX9_e890552ab15654f6cc08e59069fd5127_14_12_2020_20 _59_33.osp

N.B: USE THE BACKUP FROM YOUR OWN PHONE !!! Different backup may cause many problems as unknown product, system hang or reboot,.....

oeminfo buckup must be the one before any modification.

5.  After restoring this partition the phone will reboot. It will hang, reboot & factory reset itself.

6.  Once rebooting the phone will ask for "Huawei ID" pass again but this time with the opportunity to active it with lock screen pass created before.

7.  When in menu go to "Settings" and activate developer mode and do a full factory reset.

Enjoy a fully working phone with it's own oeminfo.