We are happy to present you the new update for today 

MTK Code Reader v1.0.0.465 Released

  • Added all lock codes read for new MTK Android models. From now one or more unlock code pairs will be shown. One pair beeing always 100% correct ! So no more wrong codes reports anymore
  • Improved Doro 612 code reading
  • Added HUAWEI g3622 code reading
  • Misc internal fixes

Supported models:



OT-655w/Vodafone Chat

OT-4005, OT-4007, OT-4010, OT-4011, OT-4030, OT-4110, OT-5020
OT-5021, OT-5035, OT-6010, OT-6030 (Orange San Remo), OT-6033
OT-7025, OT-8008, OT-903OT-916, OT-918, OT-922, OT-928, OT-970
OT-985, OT-991, OT-992, OT-997, OT-998, OT-A919, OT-A966, 
OT-A980, OT-A986, OT-C918, OT-C919, OT-C997, OT-J610, OT-M960
OT-MOV2 (Pasadena), OT-V861, OT-V875, OT-V975, OT-W939, 
OT-W969, Sfr StarTrail 3, Vodafone Smart III (V975), Vodafone Smart 



V788D, Plus Stil, Mobiwire Stil, Mobiwire Aquila
V856, V857, V875/NGM ORION
R3100, Orange Hollywood, T-Mobile Beat
UNITE F1310, V807, V793



G2800, G3511, G3512, G3610, G3620, G3622, G6003, G6005
G6210, G6620, G6622 , G7000, G7210, Panama, G6800, G6608
G5500, G5510 (Cid Sec)
G6600, G6601, G6603, G6605, G6609 (Cid Sec)
G7050, G7105, G7300, G7300e, G6620 (Cid Sec)
KPN Touch, T-Mobile Energy (Cid Sec)



Telenor R240, Emporia V32c, Alcatel 639G

Doro 611, Doro 612, Tele2fon v1, Verykool s635, Lenovo A390
Blu 172i, Tmn Moche Script 64, Acer Z120, Acer Z2


... and probably others ;-)

MTK CODE READER unlock and repair Alcatel, ZTE, SFR, Vodafone, Emporia, Doro, Huawei, Acer, Bleu, Telenor, Lenovo, Tele2fon mobile phones. It is simply the world famous unlocking software to unlock Alcatel, ZTE, SFR, Vodafone, Emporia, Doro, Huawei, Acer, Bleu, Telenor, Lenovo, Tele2fon. With over 8 years of incredible and regular updates on FuriousGold, this is the most advanced mobile phone unlocking tool on the market for professionals.

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Supported Features:

  • Direct Unlock
  • Read unlock codes from phone

  • To be able to use this software you need the FuriousGold hardware with PACK6 activated
  • MTK CODE READER is a Exclusive tool available ONLY on FuriousGold. You simply can NOT find this software anywhere else.
  • Easy Unlock Alcatel, ZTE, SFR, Vodafone, Emporia, Doro, Huawei, Acer, Bleu, Telenor, Lenovo, Tele2fon
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  • MTK CODE READER is UNLIMITED, you can unlock any quantity of phones.
  • MTK CODE READER is working without credits, logs or any of this kind. Completely free after your purschase.
  • MTK CODE READER including dedicated support area with over 25GB of precious data
  • MTK CODE READER including 12 months FREE updates and support. Once the support is expired you can renew it directly from your account for a small annual fee. If you do not like to renew the support you will still be able to use your FuriousGold hardware but you will not be able to enjoy the newest updates.
  • Secure and Easy access to support area in one click. You do not have to remember any password. It is already saved in your FuriousGold device.

How to activate this module on my FuriousGold account ?
Simply connect your FuriousGold USB hardware to your computer. Open Maintenance software and click Go Support button. Then browse the different modules available and select the Pack wanted on the right. You must have money on your account to be able to make a purschase. If you do not have money on your account you can make a deposit now.

What is Regular and Lite Version ?
Try before buy! Using Lite version you will be able to buy the same software for a discounted price with a end validity date. Please always check for how many times you can use the lite version. Most of them are valid for 30 days after your purschase date. Once the date expired you will be able to buy the regular version if you liked it. The regular version is unlimited. Activations are working in real time 24/7 NON STOP.

What are the packs ?
We developed different softwares called modules for FuriousGold depending the brands of the mobile phone manufacturer. To be able to use those modules you will need to connect the FuriousGold server using your FuriousGold device and having access to each of them.We have grouped 69 modules in 12 different Packs. This means some packs including more than 1 module inside. You are buying activation for PACKS. Once you buy a PACK you will be able to use all the modules from the specified pack.

FuriousGold is a multi function mobile phone unlocking and repairing software. Separated in 12 packs and including over 69 modules specially designed and dedicated for each brands. It is always possible to enable a pack add on later. Outstanding support provided since the last 10 years including exclusive and regular updates. Buy FuriousGold now.

  • Pack: PACK6
  • Version:
  • Release Date: 2012-12-05
  • Release Update: 2013-09-19