Update Notes

Samsung: added Repair IMEI and Patch Cert for MTK models

    Galaxy A01 Core (SM-A013F/G/M)
    Galaxy A12 (SM-A125F/M/N/W)
    Galaxy A31(SM-A315F/G/N)
    Galaxy A32(SM-A325F/M/N)
    Galaxy A41(SM-A415F)
    Galaxy M01 Core (SM-M013F)
    Galaxy M01s (SM-M017F)
    Galaxy M02 (SM-M022F/G/M)

Huawei: added Load Factory Fastboot procedure for phones with

    Kirin 990
    Kirin 990 5G
    Kirin 820
    Kirin 985
    Kirin 710A

It can be used to do Repair Recovery and fix bootloop issues.

New features and improvements:

    Core: fixed a bug when changing phone brands
    Core: fixed multiple bugs which could cause application crashes
    Core: improved Windows 7 compatibility
    Vivo: Vivo MTK phones are fully handled by the Vivo module from now
    Huawei: fixed a bug when using firmware archives for Repair Recovery

Samsung: added Read Codes Online for MTK models:

    Galaxy A01 Core (SM-A013F/G/M)
    Galaxy A02 (SM-A022F/G/M)
    Galaxy A10s (SM-A107F/M)
    Galaxy A12 (SM-A125F/M/N/W)
    Galaxy A31 (SM-A315F/G/N)
    Galaxy A32 (SM-A325F/M/N)
    Galaxy A41 (SM-A415F)
    Galaxy M01 Core (SM-M013F)
    Galaxy M01s (SM-M017F)
    Galaxy M02 (SM-M022F/G/M)

New features and improvements:

    Huawei: allow to run procedures from factory mode directly (Network Factory Reset, Huawei ID & FRP Remove, Convert to Dual SIM, Modify OEMINFO, Set Battery Serial)
    MTK: additional logging to improve phone model and SoC model detection
    Xiaomi: MTK phones are now handled by the Xiaomi module instead of the Generic MTK to let us provide more brand specific functionality in the future


    Core: fixed a bug in EXT4 filesystem parsing
    Core: fixed a bug when reusing UI elements caused to show multiple procedure logs in one window
    Core: fixed a bug when categorizing procedure history elements

Chimera is the first in the World to support the following CPUs (even with SLA and DAA* authentication):

    Dimensity 700 (MT6833)
    Dimensity 720 (MT6853)
    Dimensity 820 (MT6875)
    Dimensity 900 (MT6877)
    Dimensity 1100 (MT6891Z)
    Dimensity 1200 (MT6893)

*: Secure Layer Auth, Download Agent Authentication

For the following service functions:

    Remove FRP Lock
    Unlock / Relock Bootloader
    Update Firmware
    Store/Restore Backup
    Limited for some models: Root
    Limited for some models: Remove Screen Lock
    Limited for some models: Network Factory Reset

This update also brings:

    improved Repair IMEI functionality with advanced IMEI security support

Supported Models:

Please note that our update is CPU based so it will work for all new phone models in the future with the same CPUs!
Here is a short list of well known current models that are supported by this update:

    Dimensity 700 MT6833:
        Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
        Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G (camellia: M2103K19C/M2103K19G)
        Oppo A53s / A55 5G
        Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro 5G (camellia: M2103K19PG/M2103K19PI)
        Xiaomi Redmi Note 10T (camellia)
        Vivo V13 / Y52 / Y72 5G
        Realme 8 / V13 5G
        ZTE S30 SE

    Dimensity 720 MT6853:
        Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
        Oppo A53 (PECM30)
        Oppo A53 / A72 / A73 5G
        Oppo Reno4 SE
        Realme 7 5G / Q2i
        Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T 5G (cannon: A001XM)
        Huawei Enjoy 20 Plus / Plus 5G
        Honor V40 Lite
        Huawei Nova 8 SE / Enjoy 20 5G
        Vivo S7e / V21e / Y52s 5G
        Vivo V21 / Y73s
        ZTE Blade 20 5G

    Dimensity 900 MT6877:
        Oppo Reno6 5G
        Honor 50 SE

    Dimensity 1100 MT6891Z:
        Vivo S9 / X60t
        Realme Q3 Pro 5G
        Xiaomi Poco F3 GT (ares)
        Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro [China] / Poco X3 GT (chopin)

Samsung: added read NCK/MCK for Exynos models

    Galaxy A51 (SM-A515x)
    Galaxy A21S (SM-A217x)
    Galaxy S21 5G (SM-G991B/N)
    Galaxy S21+ 5G (SM-G996B/N)
    Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (SM-G998B/N)
    And many more...

New features and improvements:

    LG: added new Network Factory Reset mechanism for LG MTK phones in normal mode
    MTK: improved phone model detection in bootrom mode
    MTK: improved Repair IMEI procedure to support more Vivo models
    Core: introducing ASUS modul (to facilitate mode switch into EDL mode)


    MTK: fixed a bug when manually selecting preloader files
    Core: fixed a local database related bug

New features and improvements:

    MTK: added Repair IMEI feature for Vivo MTK phones (accessible from normal mode) for supported SoC types in bootrom mode
    MTK: now you can choose preloader files from our server if the phone's flash contains an incompatible one
    MTK: now Samsung firmware packages are supported in the Update Firmware procedure
    MTK: improved model detection in bootrom mode


    MTK: fixed a bug in handling sparse files in Update Firmware procedure
    MTK: fixed a bug when handling files with long file and directory names (also in Update Firmware procedure)
    MTK: various fixes and improvements during phone detection (both in bootrom and normal mode)
    MTK: fixed the IMEI write procedure for MEIZU phones

New features and improvements:

    MTK: added support for compressed firmware packages in Update Firmware procedure
    Core: improved application start time
    New Utility section in the main menu
        extractor tool for various firmware types
        IMEI Blacklist check
        TAC Device check


    MTK: fixed a bug in Remove FRP lock procedure for Huawei phones
    MTK: fixed a bug in preloader processing for files loaded from a Chimera backup
    MTK: fixed a bug when handling phones with incompatible or faulty preloader

New features and improvements:

    MTK: added RPMB read and write to Backup/Restore procedure
    MTK: continuously improving driver stability
    Qualcomm: brand selector is now sorted (recently used brands are placed to the top)


    MTK: fixed a rare model detection error
    MTK: fixed an error between the Samsung and the MTK module (Samsung module couldn't detect MTK phones during procedures, after restart)
    Huawei: fixed a bug in handling UFS phones in Factory Fastboot mode (mainly Kirin810 was affected by this)
    Samsung: fixed a bug in autoroot (ChimeraSU) mechanism

Added new Read Codes Online for Samsung Exynos models

    The updated Read Codes Online procedure is marked with the "Updated in May, 2021" comment in red

List of supported models:

    Galaxy A10e SM-A102N, SM-A102W
    Galaxy A10 SM-A105F, SM-A105FN, SM-A105G, SM-A105M, SM-A105N
    Galaxy A20e SM-A202F, SM-A202K
    Galaxy A20 SM-A205F, SM-A205FN, SM-A205G, SM-A205GN, SM-A205S, SM-A205W, SM-A205YN
    Galaxy A2 Core SM-A260F, SM-A260G
    Galaxy A30 SM-A305F, SM-A305FN, SM-A305G, SM-A305GN, SM-A305GT, SM-A305N, SM-A305YN, SM-A3050, SM-A3051, SM-A3058
    Galaxy A30s SM-A307FN, SM-A307G, SM-A307GN, SM-A307GT
    Galaxy A3 2017 SM-A320F, SM-A320FL, SM-A320Y
    Galaxy A40 SM-A405F, SM-A405FM, SM-A405FN, SM-A405S
    Galaxy A50 SM-A505F, SM-A505FM, SM-A505FN, SM-A505G, SM-A505GN, SM-A505GT, SM-A505N, SM-A505W, SM-A505YN
    Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520F, SM-A520FD, SM-A520K, SM-A520L, SM-A520S, SM-A520W
    Galaxy A8 2018 SM-A530F, SM-A530N, SM-A530W
    Galaxy A6 2018 SM-A600F, SM-A600FN, SM-A600G, SM-A600GN, SM-A600N
    Galaxy A7 2017 SM-A720F, SM-A720FD, SM-A720N, SM-A720S
    Galaxy A8+ 2018 SM-A730F, SM-A730N
    Galaxy A7 2018 SM-A750C, SM-A750F, SM-A750FN, SM-A750G, SM-A750GN, SM-A750N
    Galaxy F62 SM-E625F
    Galaxy M62 SM-M625F
    Galaxy Xcover 4 SM-G398FN
    Galaxy J5 Prime SM-G570F, SM-G570M, SM-G570Y
    Galaxy J7 Prime SM-G610F, SM-G610K, SM-G610L, SM-G610M, SM-G610S, SM-G610Y
    Galaxy On7 Prime SM-G611F, SM-G611K, SM-G611L, SM-G611M, SM-G611MT, SM-G611S
    Galaxy J7 Prime 2 SM-G611FF
    Galaxy Xcover FieldPro SM-G889A, SM-G889F, SM-G889G, SM-G889YB
    Galaxy S7 SM-G930F, SM-G930FD, SM-G930K, SM-G930L, SM-G930S, SM-G930W8
    Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F, SM-G935FD, SM-G935K, SM-G935L, SM-G935S, SM-G935W8
    Galaxy S8 SM-G950F, SM-G950N
    Galaxy S8+ SM-G955F, SM-G955N
    Galaxy S9 SM-G960F, SM-G960N
    Galaxy S9+ SM-G965F, SM-G965N
    Galaxy S10e SM-G970F, SM-G970N
    Galaxy S10 SM-G973F, SM-G973N
    Galaxy S10+ SM-G975F, SM-G975N
    Galaxy S10 5G SM-G977B, SM-G977N
    Galaxy J2 Core 2018 SM-J260F, SM-J260G, SM-J260M, SM-J260Y
    Galaxy J4 SM-J400F, SM-J400G, SM-J400M
    Galaxy J7 Nxt 2017 SM-J701F, SM-J701M, SM-J701MT
    Galaxy J7 2016 SM-J710F, SM-J710FQ, SM-J710GN, SM-J710K, SM-J710MN, SM-J7108
    Galaxy J7 Duo SM-J720F, SM-J720M
    Galaxy J7 2017 SM-J730F, SM-J730FM, SM-J730G, SM-J730GM, SM-J730K, SM-J730M
    Galaxy M10 SM-M105F, SM-M105G, SM-M105M, SM-M105Y
    Galaxy M20 SM-M205F, SM-M205FN, SM-M205G, SM-M205M
    Galaxy M30 SM-M305F, SM-M305M
    Galaxy Note 7 SM-N930F, SM-N930K, SM-N930L, SM-N930S
    Galaxy Note 7FE SM-N935F, SM-N935K, SM-N935L, SM-N935S
    Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950F, SM-N950FD, SM-N950N
    Galaxy Note 9 SM-N960F, SM-N960N
    Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019 SM-P205
    Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2016 SM-P585, SM-P585M, SM-P585N0, SM-P585Y
    Galaxy Tab Active 2 SM-T395, SM-T395C, SM-T395N
    Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 SM-T515, SM-T515N, SM-T517
    Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2016 SM-T585, SM-T585C, SM-T585N0, SM-T587
    Galaxy View SM-T677, SM-T677A

New features and improvements:

    MTK: added Update Firmware procedure to flash firmware packs that has a scatter file
    MTK: added support for Samsung phones in Unlock Bootloader procedure (and keeping KG intact)
    MTK: improved driver malfunction detection
    MTK: improved backup and restore functionality
    MTK: added a permanent Bootloader Unlock option for Xiaomi Redmi 6/6A, 9/9A/9C/9C NFC, Mi Play
    MTK: additional sanity checks for preloader files
    Qualcomm: added a way to cache working loader on device bases (it improves the stability of procedures for phones in EDL mode)
    Huawei: Huawei ID & FRP Remove procedure now checks the battery connection and asks the user to reconnect it if it was not done previously
    Core: refined error reporting during phone detection

New features and improvements:

    MTK: added support for MT6570, Helio P10 (MT6755) and Helio X30 (MT6799)
    MTK: improved device identification in bootrom mode
    Qualcomm: refined Qualcomm programmer detection (whether it requires authentication or not)
    Qualcomm: added a specific error message to indicate flash chip failure (EMMC; lifetime expiry)
    Core: decreased memory usage during application start
    Core: improved log file management


    MTK: bugfixes for phones with lesser memory
    Core: fixed a bug that can cause phone reboots during phone detection

New features and improvements:

    Huawei: HDLC communication is now less error sensitive (might affect Huawei's USB Firmware Update)
    LG: added refined failure detection for procedures in LAF mode


    Motorola: fixed a bug in FRP Remove procedure
    MTK: various bugfixes (bootrom detection, MT6739 memory issues)
    Core: fixed blinking dialog UI issue
    Core: fixed a bug during closing inactive logs

We are happy to announce the update of our MTK module!
With our latest update, we added support for the following SoC types:

    MT6757 (Helio P20)
    MT6761 (Helio A22)
    MT6763 (Helio P23)
    MT6765 (Helio P35)
    MT6768 (Helio P65)
    MT6771 (Helio P60)
    MT6779 (Helio P90)
    MT6785 (Helio G90)
    MT6873 (Dimensity 800)
    MT6885 (Dimensity 1000L)

Depending on each device's custom configuration, the following Chimera features are fully (or partially) supported on these models:

    Network Factory Reset
    Write IMEI
    Erase FRP
    Bootloader Unlock/Relock
    Backup/Restore Phone
    Screen Lock Remove    

Improvements and bugfixes:

    Core: added In App Purchase feature for buying credits
    Huawei: FRP and Remove Huawei ID procedures are merged together
    Qualcomm: Backup procedure's Selective backup feature detects unreadable partitions prior to the actual reading
    Samsung: added support for Android 11 in various procedures

Improvements and bugfixes:

    Core: improved user analytics
    Core: smaller executable size due to refactoring of resource usage
    Generic Qualcomm and Motorola: improved overall stability
    Motorola: various bugfixes and improvements in Motorola's Repair Boot procedure

Huawei changes:

    Demo Remove procedure is merged with Modify Oeminfo from now
    Modify Oeminfo is also available in Fastboot mode
    Modify Oeminfo is extended with Convert to Dual SIM and Disable FW compatibility* features
    The phone automatically reboots into USB update mode after a successful Modify Oeminfo procedure (to ease the usage of USB Firmware Update procedure)
    Restore SIM State** procedure is added

Samsung changes:

    improved functionality of CSC Change procedure for the latest firmwares

* By using this checkbox the phone should accept all firmware versions during USB Firmware Update procedure. It doesn't generally mean that it allows version downgrade, because the phone can have different checks against that. It is usually used to let the phone accept a different model's firmware after a model name change.

** The Modify Oeminfo's Convert to Dual SIM feature creates a backup of the phone's original SIM state value, before it does the modification. The backup can be restored with this procedure.

New features and improvements:

    Samsung: added new Read Codes Online and Read Cert procedures for some Exynos models (only shows for supported models with supported modems, ROOT: NO, KNOX: YES)
    Huawei: removed a couple security restrictions for Factory Mode procedures
    Huawei: more informative messages on dialogs during procedure execution
    Core: more precise remaining time calculation in download manager


    Huawei: fixed a bug that could occur when using user provided firmware files for soft bricking
    Core: various fixes to improve application stability

    Huawei: Kirin 710A is now fully supported
    Huawei: added Remove Huawei ID for all SoC types, all regions
    Huawei: the Remove Huawei ID procedure is now faster
    Samsung: cheaper FRP Remove, 19 CRD only (59 CRD before)

Celebrating Chinese New Year, we have a gift to all our users:

    Now all Huawei Procedures are FREE on all supported CPUs (Kirin 710/810/820/980/985/990/990 5G), no credit needed!
    Demo Remove: FREE
    Remove FRP Lock: FREE
    Read/Write Cert: FREE
    Model and Vendor/Country Change: FREE
    Modify Oeminfo: FREE
    Network Factory Reset: FREE

New features and improvements:

    Huawei: added support for OTA firmware packages in USB Firmware Update porcedure
    Core: improved overall application stability
    Core: more informative error messages


    Huawei: fixed a bug for Hisi 658 SOC type phones that could occur during Factory Fastboot type procedures
    Xiaomi: fixed an EDL mode communication bug for phones with EMMC flash chip

  • Pack: PACK13
  • Version: 29.58.1315
  • Release Date: 2014-01-30
  • Release Update: 2021-09-07