Update Notes

Added Direct Unlock, Change CID, Repair IMEI, S-ON/OFF for:

  •     HTC One X9 (dual sim)
  •     HTC ONE M9+
  •     HTC Desire 628 (dual sim)

All MTK HTC models have Change CID procedure now

HTC Bugfixes:

  •     Write-only filesystem issue on HTC One M9 series phones fixed
  •     HTC One A9 series phones with Android 8.0 fixed


Windows phone detection fix


Added Read Codes Online, Firmware Flash/Compatibility For Exynos Models:

  •     Galaxy J2 Core 2018 (SM-J260F, SM-J260G, SM-J260M, SM-J260Y)

Added Unlock (BIT3, BIT4) For Qualcomm Sprint Models:

  •     Galaxy J3 Emerge (SM-J327P)
  •     Galaxy J7 Perx (SM-J727P)

Added Read Codes For MTK Models:

  •     Galaxy J7 Max (SM-G615F, SM-G615FU)
  •     Galaxy J7+ (SM-C710F)


  •     Reset FRP/Reactivation Lock - UFS fix


  •     Better checking mechanism for application's administrator privileges
  •     Automatic driver update pops up a dialog before the actual update takes place
  •     Bugfix: several bugs are fixed on driver update panel
  •     Improved ADB communication

Added FRP Lock Remove procedure for:

  •     Huawei Y3 2018 (CAG-L02, CAG-L03, CAG-L22, CAG-L23)
  •     Huawei Y5 2018 (DRA-L01, DRA-L21, DRA-LX2, DRA-LX3)
  •     Huawei Y6 2018 Dual (ATU-L21, ATU-LX1)
  •     Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 Dual (LDN-L21, LDN-LX1)
  •     Huawei Honor 7S (DUA-L22)
  •     Huawei Nova 2 Lite (LDN-L22, LDN-L32)

Bugfixes for FRP Lock Remove procedure:

  •     Huawei Enjoy 5S (TAG-AL00)
  •     Huawei Y3II (LUA-U02, LUA-U22, LUA-U23)
  •     Huawei Y5 2017 (MYA-L02)

Added Direct Unlock procedure for:

  •     Huawei Y3 2018 (CAG-L02, CAG-L03, CAG-L22, CAG-L23)

Bugfixes for Direct Unlock procedure:

  •     Huawei Y5 2017 (MYA-L02)

Screenlock remove added for the following Huawei MTK models:

  •     Huawei G Power / Y6 Pro (TIT-U02)
  •     Huawei Honor 4C Pro/ Y6 Pro (TIT-L01)
  •     Huawei Y3 2017 (CRO-U00, CRO-L02, CRO-L03, CRO-L22, CRO-L23)
  •     Huawei Y3II (LUA-L01, LUA-L02, LUA-L21, LUA-L22, LUA-U02, LUA-U22, LUA-U23)
  •     Huawei ECO (LUA-L03, LUA-L13, LUA-L23, LUA-U03)
  •     Huawei Enjoy 5S (TAG-AL00)
  •     Huawei Honor 3C (HOL-U19)
  •     Huawei Y6II Compact (LYO-L01, LYO-L21)
  •     Huawei Y6 Elite (LYO-L02)



  •     MTK models can be detected in fastboot mode now. If you have a download agent file for your model, FRP remove procedure become available.

  • Pack: PACK13
  • Version: 18.95.1416
  • Release Date: 2014-01-30
  • Release Update: 2018-10-11