Update Notes

We are pleased to release a new update for the Furious Chimera module as follow:


  1. Fixed bug in Refurbish and Reset lifetimer that damaged BIS (3G and 4G connectivity)
  2. 9360 Repair cleared board and Refurbish fixed
  3. Fixed "Parameter Error"
  4. Added Galaxy S4 (I9500) unlock
  5. Fixed bugs that have sometimes occured after refurbishing 9320,9330, 9380
  6. Fixed 9360 network-related freezing bug
  7. Fixed 9860 and 9900 3G bugs
  8. Added secure image (efs) repair for Samsung I9100 and I9300
  9. Added Samsung I9500 unlock
  10. Improved unlock/imei repair method for Samsung I9300 and N7100
  11. Added Android 4.4.2 recovery root/unroot for I9500 and I9505
  12. Added Samsung Galaxy S4 serial number repair
  13. Fixed Samsung Galaxy S4 unlock
  14. Improved BlackBerry "Restore Phone" function. From now on, you can restore phones that have been "Clear Board Repaired".
  15. Samsung: Fixed 0049 IMEI repair problem on downgraded firmwares
  16. BlackBerry: Improved Backup Phone function.
  17. BlackBerry Fixed 9981 refurbish
  18. File download bug FIXED, improved program stability

More to come soon.

  • Pack: PACK13
  • Version: 2.28.1248
  • Release Date: 2014-01-30
  • Release Update: 2014-03-21