Update Notes

New features and improvements:

  • Oppo/Realme (MTK): added a new procedure to remove Oppo/Realme ID (HeyTap ID) from all Oppo and Realme phones with MTK SoCs
  • Huawei: fixed EMMC chip specific RPMB write problems affecting Huawei ID & FRP Remove procedure on some Kirin 710 based devices
  • Motorola: from now we can automatically restart the phone into Fastboot mode after a successful Boot Repair procedure
  • Qualcomm: fixed a bug in Qualcomm programmer handling
  • Core: fixed a bug when handling EXT4 filesystems (mainly MTK and Qualcomm procedures were affected)
  • Xiaomi (MTK): fixed a bug when detecting bootloader unlock state for newer models
  • LG: fixed a bug when displaying credit prices for LG models


Updates on our previous Samsung MTK release:

  • added support for SAR (System As Root) models (SM-A107F, SM-A107M, SM-M017F)
  • now we save NVDATA and NVRAM during Repair IMEI & Patch Cert procedures so you can restore the phone to its pre-procedure state using the Store/Restore Backup function (if something went wrong)

New features and improvements:

  • MTK: now we can change MEID for Vivo phones with MTK SoCs (by the Repair IMEI procedure)
  • MTK: improved hosting of dynamic contents for better download experience

  • Pack: PACK13
  • Version: 31.85.1335
  • Release Date: 2014-01-30
  • Release Update: 2022-04-26