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When your BlackBerry is stuck in a reboot sequence, the BlackBerry is considered "nuked". However, there is a solution to this problem. Please follow the steps below.

The problem is that because the device is stuck in a permanent reboot sequence (or loop) it does not allow a proper connection via USB to desktop manager, and as a result, you do not have a chance to reload the Operating system. Important: Before following this procedure, remove your memory card and see if this solves the problem. A memory card issue can put your BlackBerry into this state.

Click to Nuke phone button:

Nuke Blackberry

Click to YES

Nuke Blackberry

  • If it doesn't connect in 10 seconds, unplug the USB cable and plug it in again
  • Please wait until the red LED extinguishes. This may take a few minutes. While Nuking the phone keep battery inside and don't tuch the phone.
  • After few minutes your phone will be Nuked. In this state your phone will be totally dead, but be not worry, you need only reload the software.
  • About how to reload the software check this guide: Software update procedure