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Update Notes

FLY Captain Huawei Resurrector


Supports year 2015 and later phones:
[x] Repair BRICKED Huawei (Bootloop, Fastboot mode only and etc.)
[x] Write Huawei factory UPDATE.APP files directly by fastboot with locked bootloader or locked FRP !
[x] Write Factory repair files with full erase.
[x] Write custom ROM directly by fastboot without unlocking bootloader.
[x] Write any ROM in fastboot without signature and compatibility checking !
[x] Various Factory repair files available in support area.
[x] Choose which partition(s) to write from the UPDATE.APP
[x] Write firmware in update mode (same as from SD, just without copying the file to the SD)
[x] Create config for repeating jobs.
[x] Qualcomm and HiSilicon phones supported.

Step by step repair phone with undamaged security:

[x] Write compatible UPDATE.APP file in fastboot (phone should bootup)
[x] Repeat same firmware flashing same firmware in upgrade mode

Step by step repair phone with damaged security:

[x] Write Factory repair file from support (If not present, write similar).
[x] Write an identical follow your phone UPDATE.APP .
[x] Repair all numbers(not only imei), vendor and country with Fly Captain.

  • Pack: PACK7
  • Version:
  • Release Date: 2016-10-31
  • Release Update: 2016-11-03